Willmott Dixon Case Study

Installing over 1200 boilers per year

Introduction to Contact

Scarbrook Plumbing and Heating have now been working in Partnership with RMBC and Willmott Dixon for 4 years and from an initial small contract are now installing over 1200 boilers per year. RMBC currently have a housing stock of approximately 20,000 properties and Scarbrook are responsible for all responsive and planned installations throughout the entire borough.

Scope of Work

The scope of works include the replacements of back boiler units, solid fuel heating and either old or broken gas boilers. The contract is split into 50% planned programmed works and 50% responsive installation. Full Void central heating systems are also included within the contract.

Contact Delivery

Scarbrook are responsible for the project management of the scheme in partnership with Willmott Dixon, these duties include the full tenant liaison duty, programming works, on site management including QC and health and safety inspection and collation of customer satisfaction.

Scarbrook are required to install any responsive heating's within 1 week, however the current delivery time from receiving orders from RMBC is 2 working days no matter what the number of installations required. This target is consistently achieved by having surveyors on site daily, ensuring our supply chain is set up to match this service and by having a truly flexible programming strategy.

Within the contract there is also a requirement to upgrade heating systems to Void properties, Scarbrook are required to install all heating's of this nature within 2 weeks however our current delivery time from receiving the keys to having a new heating installed and key given back is 4 working days.

Since the inception of the contract Scarbrook have worked closely with Willmott Dixon and RMBC and have introduced a number of initiatives to improve the performance of the project delivery, these include:

  • A sweep of KPI's with penalties and incentives based on the performance
  • A community initiatives scheme - Scarbrook have committed to reinvesting a percentage of the total contract Turnover back into the community
  • Full Tenant induction packs and signed customer satisfaction surveys

Key Achievements of Contracts

  • Improved Delivery time on responsive installations from 1 week to 2 working days
  • Improved delivery time on Voids from 2 weeks to 4 working days all installed
  • 1000 properties completed with a 98% of tenants rating our services as excellent