Big Energy Saving Week

Save energy and money in your home this week.

From the 26th October to the 1st November is Energy Saving Week in the UK run in accordance with Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust.

Many people up and down the UK stay with the same suppliers for their energy and the same appliances for many years, without ever realising you can get cheaper energy and actually use less of it if you shop around. For example it is estimated that if you switch to an A – Rated Combi Boiler you could save up to £340 a year on your energy bills, possibly even more if you can find a cheaper supplier.

All this is down to a newer better rated boiler using far less energy. Combi Boilers only heat up the water you need when you need it, so not only do you not need big storage tanks but it saves you some dollars as well. $$

Find more information on combi boilers here!

But it’s not just a boiler that can save you money. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average UK household could save around £130 per annum by making some simple energy saving tips, and we are very much in favour of that!!

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