Deep Cleaning

Happy Cleaning Yorkshire.

Deep-clean the bathroom

A few easy steps to a squeaky clean bathroom that your mother would be proud of;

First things first, your shower head. Simply fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie around the shower head so it’s fully submerged in the liquid, leave to soak overnight and run in the morning to clean through.

(TIP) Leave the window open for at least an hour a day to lower the room’s humidity level.

Wet wipes are your friend!

Around the toilet inside and out, unwanted build-up of dust and grime can easily be removed, furthermore don’t throw out the old toothbrushes! They can be handy to get in those small narrow areas for a good scrub.

Sweep and mop, sweep the dust away then mop up afterwards with hot soapy bleach water – Be careful and don’t slip! Rinse away the soapy residue and leave to dry.

REMEMBER: Wear protective bathroom gloves to avoid any harmful irritation to your skin.

Diluted vinegar mixture can be used again to help rinse and wipe down bath tubs after use to avoid build-up of dirt – for a real thorough clean, a sponge can be dipped in bicarbonate of soda and clean with warm water, fill with biological washing powder and leave for 24 hours, this should remove all hard stains and grime!

Happy Cleaning Yorkshire.