Harsh Winter Ahead?

El Nino event could mean cold times ahead.

At Scarbrook we are always looking to keep you up to date with events that could affect you. One of the biggest for this winter could be the El Nino event in the Equatorial Pacific.

What is El Nino?
This is the event of an upwelling of warmer than usual water in the Equatorial Pacific that can cause drastic changes to weather patterns across the world. This has caused events such as much wetter colder winters in the South west of the USA.

But what does this mean to you?
Well the last time an El Nino happened was in 2009/2010 and winters across Europe became exceptionally colder. It was recorded as the coldest UK December for 120 Years with an average temperature of -1C

 At Scarbrook we don’t like the sound of that, so we want to make sure that all your homes are kept warm this winter.
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