Boiler Finance Helping You...

...Stay Warm This Winter

With temperatures expected to fall this winter to dramatic lows your boiler and central heating system could be the most important thing to your household between now and March – Scarbrook are committed to keeping you and your family warm whatever the weather brings.

At Scarbrook we also know that at this time of the year money can be hard to come by. Scraping about to buy loved ones Christmas gifts as well as the higher than usual bills is a struggle for all.

For this reason we have decided to offer boiler finance to all our customers to ensure that you don’t need to risk your boiler lasting out the winter. You can have a brand new combi boiler installed in your home this winter from just £22.39 a month with NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. That will give you complete reassurance you can be warm on demand, with a new combi boiler you can trust.

According to the Energy Saving Trust homeowners could save up to £340 per year with a new “A-Rated” boiler installed into their home. 

That could mean a saving of over £70 a year with a new boiler.
Don’t sit in the cold this winter – or just put on another jumper! Get a new combi boiler you know works, and you know you can trust. Contact us today to have a warm and happy winter with a new Sacrbrook fitted central heating system.