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House warming tips for you!

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House Hacks!
Do we have any fans of a good old bake off? Believe it or not whilst your winter cooking and baking may be commencing, we’ve got a few small house warming tips for you!

Excess Oven Heat
Use excess heat from your oven once you’ve made your delicious treats, by leaving the oven door cracked open once the oven has been turned off, this can allow excess heat to warm the kitchen through, (hopefully you didn’t burn your buns, the house won’t smell too good then)

Ceiling Fan Trick
Ever thought of turning your celling fans on in winter? Probably not... However any households that do have a ceiling fan think about switching it ON! The fan mixes the warm and cold air within your room, maintaining an even warmer temperature in your cosy home!

Thermostat Myth
Some people believe that by keep their thermostat on at a constant temperature will keep their energy bills to a minimum, WRONG! This is not efficient, it in fact takes less energy to fire up the central heating again as opposed to working it all day long! 

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Here at Scarbrook we’re proud to be an accredited installer for some of the top household names in the industry, such as Vaillant, working alongside pioneers of the heating industry allows us to install quality and reliable products into your household.

Vaillant has recognised the growing focus on renewable energy and ECO friendly heating systems, here at Scarbrook we see Vaillant’s passion and enthusiasm for these alternative appliances. Read More - Vailliant Check out the Vailliant Homepage

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