Interior Design

It’s time to shine with NEW interior design

It’s time to shine with NEW interior design

With our current on-going home inspiration campaign, including tips and tricks for your household, we want to share with you anything we feel is valuable and affordable!

 We’ve visited a vast array of homes in Yorkshire, all with various styles and tastes, each to their own we say!

Home tip to share

Painting your radiator

Firstly begin in preparation and make sure your radiator is completely cold before applying your paint.

Clean the radiator removing any dust/grease, and rub down with sandpaper lightly.

Place down sheets below to avoid any paint spillage on your floor!

We advise either anti-corrosive primer if you have any rusty spots on your radiator

There are an extensive range of radiator paints that are available to use on the market, including solvent-based paints

 Apply two coats to your radiator, allow the first coat to dry and begin with the next, (ideally 24 hours afterwards)

Let the paint set in before turning your radiator on again, you may get a strong smell of paint at first, however this will quickly fade.

Happy painting Yorkshire, that lick of paint could make all the difference to your desired room.

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