More energy saving tips…

…From Yorkshire’s Premier Heating Provider

In just a short time we will be changing the time on our clocks again and the days will become shorter and darker as we draw ever closer to Christmas. This will mean closing the curtains and putting the heating on as soon as you get home. A truly chilling thought!

So here are some more helpful tips from Scarbrook to help make winter less expensive around the home

1. Gradual Changes.
Turning the temperature on your thermostat down by one degree each week will mean that you are unlikely to notice the change in temperature, but you will notice a difference in your wallet. Just a difference of one degree per week can save you up to £90 a year on your energy bills.

2. Shower Power
In most cases changing a long soak in the bath to a shower will save you a lot of money and energy. A shower uses far less water than filling a bath tub which means there is less to heat and more to save.

3. Leaking Tap.
As well as the very annoying drip, drip, drip sound that comes from them leaking taps can be quite costly. It is reported that a leaking tap wastes enough water to full a bath in just 2 weeks. Think of what that will cost you, especially if it’s the hot tap.

4. Radiator insulation
There are now radiator reflector panels that you can fit between your radiator and any external wall. These panels stop the heat from escaping out the back of a radiator, with 95% of that heat being reflected back. After all there is no point buying your brand new energy efficient boiler from Scarbrook and then all that new efficiently generated heat going straight outside.

5. A Rated Boilers.
Any boiler over 15 years old isn’t going to be as energy efficient as the brand new combi boilers we install daily. According to the Energy Saving Trust you could save up to £340 per year by replacing it.

When you put all these energy saving tips together with our fantastic boiler finance packages, your new boiler is paid for every month just by a few easy savings.

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