Quick energy saving tips...

....to save you easy money.

Now that winter is drawing closer we are all starting to turn the heating on again. This is good news for everyone except the bill payer. For them summer is definitely the best season. Well no one likes to pay out for bills I suppose but sometimes it is necessary. So Scarbrook decided to help make those bills as small as possible by offering handy tips for our customers on how to save around the home.

1. Turn down not off
Its far more energy efficient to keep the heating on at a lower temperature for longer periods than firing up the boiler to a high heat when you feel chilly. Find a comfortable temperature and leave it there.

2. Insulate
Cavity Wall insulation can save you up to £150 per year on heat escaping from your home. Plus if you are keeping more heat in you can turn the temperature down and still feel as warm. 

3. Keep radiators clear
Don't put things like sofas or heavy curtains over your radiators, they will block all the heat. Keeping them clear allows the heat to enter the room and warm you up.

4. Shower efficiently
If you shower for 1 minute less per day you can save £10 per year per person. This may not sound like a lot but if there are 4/5 people in your house it adds up! Plus if you are on a water meter you could save another £15 per person over the year.

5. Boiler replacement
Replacing a boiler that is around or over 15 years old with a new combi boiler could save you up to £340 a year. Plus there are government funded grants to help with the cost of purchase.

More handy tips will be on the way soon but for now these should start you on the way to a cheaper winter. For more information on any of our energy efficient products call today on 0800 500 3103.