Ways To Save This Christmas

Handy Scarbrook Tips

Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year, you have to buy presents for all your family and friends and your energy bills get higher by the day. Colder, darker weather means more time the heating needs to be turned on to keep the house warm. 

As Yorkshire’s Premier Heating Provider, Scarbrook Plumbing and Heating have a few handy tips to help keep your costs down this festive period. 

Close the Curtains. 

Closing your curtains earlier in the day can help to keep heat in the room. That means you can leave the heating on lower as you aren’t wasting heat. This also works in reverse. If it is sunny outside get your curtains open and let the sunlight in! Warmth you don’t have to pay for is the best kind. 

Leave the Oven Door Open

After you have cooked you Christmas dinner for the entire family leave the oven door slightly open, the remaining heat will leave your kitchen warmer, plus it smells nice. 

More Efficient Shower Head

A more water efficient shower head will naturally reduce the amount of water that you use during your shower. This in-turn reduces the amount of water that needs heating – saving you money. The Energy Saving Trust calculates a water efficient shower head could save a family of four £67 per year on water heating as well as an additional £100 on water bills. 

Thermostat Control

Turning down your thermostat by just one degree can save you up to £90 per year in heating bills and you won’t even feel the difference. 

Have a Warm and Merry Christmas from Scarbrook Plumbing & Heating.