White Christmas

UK Set For Longest Winter for 50 Years

In the words of the “legendary” Rod Stewart “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”. Well it appears it is going to. According to the most recent weather reports Britain is in for a white wash of a winter.

One newspaper is reporting he UK could see 36 Days of snow before we see spring arrive in 2016. A thought that is truly chilling. But why is all this happening?

Well it is widely reported that the most powerful El Nino on record will be confirmed by the end of the month. The knock on effects of this are that adverse weather conditions flow towards the UK. It has been reported in the press we could see snowflakes falling as early as Mid-November.

What can you do to make sure you don’t suffer from this?

  • Keep stocked up on your regular items in case you can’t leave the house. 
  • Make sure you have essential items in your car so you can get out of trouble.
  • Only go out if you have to once the snow starts falling, and wear shoes with good grip.

What can Scarbrook do to help? We will be very busy over the next few weeks installing new boilers to homes all across Yorkshire to help ensure all our customers are kept warm this winter. After all the last thing you want during a snowy winter is for your heating to break.

If you think your boiler may not last out the winter Call Scarbrook today on 0800 500 3103 to speak to one of our dedicated team. Don’t risk it this winter, it isn't worth it.