Winter is Coming. Don't Be Cold

Getting the best from your heat.

As we all know winter is well on its way and the evenings are getting colder and darker. That’s why at Scarbrook we think that some handy tips on making sure you get the most of your heat is important. You may think that most of these are just common sense, but they can save you big money.

Firstly, don’t block the radiator! If you have for example your sofa pressed up to the radiator bring it away from the wall by a few inches, this will allow more heat to escape into the room rather than heating the back of your sofa. This will save your furniture from possible damage and will heat the whole room.

Shut the curtains. Closing your curtains and even some doors to rooms you aren’t using can help to save heat from escaping to where you don’t want it to and make sure the heat is directed where you need it.

Timing is key. Most boilers these days come with timing functions and they are worth getting the hang of. Clever use of timers on a new Combi boiler could save you a lot of money in the long run. Set the timer to come on a short while before you get up in a morning so the house is warm when you emerge from the duvet. Similarly set the heating to go off just before you go to bed. The house will stay warm while you are still awake and you don’t need the heating on while you are wrapped up in bed.

All of these sound obvious but could save a lot of money and energy. Keep looking on our website and social media pages for more handy tips coming soon.